Michigan Infrastructure Council Welcomes New Class of Asset Management Champions

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3 min readApr 29, 2022


More Than 85 Michiganders to Enroll in 2022 Spring Session

LANSING, Mich. — The Michigan Infrastructure Council (MIC) announced that a new cohort of more than 85 Michiganders will be a part of the Asset Management (AM) Champion Program’s spring session in 2022.

The AM Champion Program’s mission is to establish a network of talented individuals and organization to help strengthen and “champion” best practice asset management techniques among Michigan’s complex infrastructure environment. Participants will have the opportunity to build awareness, develop knowledge and establish community through a network of AM leaders across the state.

2021–2022 AM Champion Map of Participants

“The need to invest in human capital was a clear take-away from the in the 21st Century Infrastructure Commission Report,” said Ryan Laruwe, MIC Executive Director. “Asset management is about more than data — it is about asset owners having the tools and information necessary to make strategic, financial and tactical decisions about assets.”

This year, the 2022 spring session has been expanded to meet the growing demand from local and regional units of government. The MIC has made it a priority to invest in people to meet long-term asset management goals because asset management ultimately exists to deliver sustainable services to communities.

The inaugural program was delivered from January to July 2021 and saw more than 70 Michiganders who oversee or operate utility systems graduate as MIC AM Champions. Participants were welcomed from a variety of affiliations and background.

An after-program survey of AM Champion Program participants found that 98% felt they were better positioned to be successful AM Champions in their job roles after enrolling in the program.

“What I liked best about the AM Champion Program was the personal testimonies of government officials during the class and during the small-group sessions,” said Kathy Winczewski, member of the Ludington City Council.

Establishing a network of talented individuals and organizations that help strengthen and “champion” best practices in asset management across Michigan’s complex infrastructure environment is a key component to the MICs strategic vision.

As AM Champion graduates, professionals will have mastered a robust asset management curriculum and be equipped to leverage the Asset Management Readiness Scale (ARMS) tool, which helps infrastructure owners understand, measure, and advance their asset management proficiency. The AMRS is designed to give organizations the resources to self-assess and self-improve overall asset management practices.

AM Champion graduates will be positioned to be leaders in building a culture of asset management in their organizations.

In Fall 2022, a new cohort will be welcomed to take part in the AM Champion Program. Local, regional, or state government employees, elected officials, public-sector asset owners, or leaders from an industry organization are encouraged to apply and be waitlisted for the Fall 2022 program. Space will be limited so apply today!

To learn more about the AM Champion Program and other efforts of the MIC such as the Dig Once Project Portal, visit www.michigan.gov/mic or subscribe to the MIC email list.



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