Michigan Infrastructure Council Supports Michiganders’ Quality of Life

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2 min readNov 3, 2022


The Michigan Infrastructure Council (MIC) is focused on mapping out a long-term strategic framework for addressing the critical needs of the infrastructure systems that support residents’ quality of life and the state’s overall economy.

Specifically, MIC assists Michigan communities with areas of planning, design, construction, management, operations and maintenance for drinking water, wastewater, storm water, transportation, energy, and communications.

The Council documents the condition of Michigan’s infrastructure to identify the needs of greatest priority. MIC then determines, recommends, and advocates for adequate funding for Michigan’s infrastructure while promoting effective and efficient investments to achieve maximum benefit.

Using a collaborative, holistic approach, MIC coordinates and aligns strategies for infrastructure management to ensure that Michigan’s assets are well-constructed, operated, and maintained.

Through its work, MIC seeks to promote policies that support the modernization of Michigan’s infrastructure systems to better support the needs of an evolving society.

Annual Report highlights progress

MIC’s 2022 Annual Report includes a two-year workplan outlining future programs, tools, and resources the MIC will provide to asset owners to accelerate Michigan’s cultural transformation.

Significant accomplishments of the MIC in the past year:

  • Initiated development of the inaugural 30-Year Integrated Infrastructure Strategy
  • Doubled the number of MIC-certified Asset Management Champions in the State
  • Improved functionality of MIC Project Portal while growing the program user base
  • Performed inaugural Asset Management Readiness Scale (AMRS) statewide benchmarking study and gap analysis
  • Hosted the third installment of the “Asset Management in the Morning” (AM in the AM) webinar series to better engage engineering consultants in the MIC asset management training programs and tools

Focused on encouraging widespread adoption of proven asset management principles and improved cross-asset communication and collaboration, MIC aspires to establish Michigan as a national leader in integrated infrastructure planning and deployment.

“We are pleased to report on the progress of the commission to ensure infrastructure systems in the state support public and environmental heath, economic prosperity and quality of life,” said MIC Executive Director Ryan Laruwe. “Our efforts will result in wise operation and investment to meet both short and long term needs of the state and its residents.”

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