Meetiquette for 2022

Four employees at a meeting table watching a laptop screen of the face of a remote attendee
  • If your co-worker has strung police tape across the entrance of their office cubicle, pay attention! Dropping by with a question can interrupt an online meeting. Sum up the situation with a glance at your colleague’s engagement with their computer monitor before entering; even better, send a text or Teams chat first and ask if it’s a good time for an in-person visit.
  • Unless attendees are specifically asked to turn cameras off for bandwidth reasons, it’s considered courteous to join a meeting with a face. In a hybrid meeting, all in-person attendees should also join the scheduled online meeting so they are visible to the virtual attendees.
  • Just as important: join a remote or hybrid meeting with your microphone MUTED. Mics should remain off unless an attendee is actively participating in a conversation; with headphones, every *sniff* *cough* and *STOP BARKING!* is painfully amplified.
  • Working from home can blur the lines of a traditional work-day, but consider before sending an after-hours email that may ping a remote worker’s laptop, tablet and cellphone. Is it urgent? Can it wait or be scheduled to send?
Five people in office work or athletic clothes standing in a line holding an expressionless mask in front of their faces



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